Venus in Fur – The reviews are in!

Venus in Fur – The reviews are in!

“Raleigh Little Theatre has mounted an effective production of the Broadway comedy-drama “Venus in Fur,” centered by a boldly daring performance from the female lead, Diana Cameron McQueen.” – Roy C. Dicks, News & Observer

“Diana McQueen’s transition from ditzy, climbing, predatory actress to smoother-than-silk sophisticate is amazing, and she manages to flip between those personae with an ease that startles. Her vocal transitions are flawless. The interplay between the two with the words “extricable” and “explicable” is tantalizing.” –Martha Keravuori, Triangle Arts & Entertainment

“Indeed, some of the show’s best moments come when Vanda moves in and out of character with lightning-fast speed and accuracy.” – SUSIE POTTER, Triangle Arts & Entertainment

“These two actors are tremendously right for their roles.” –Alan R. Hall, CVNC

“Under Rod Rich’s direction, McQueen ably prosecutes Vanda’s increasingly extreme forms of literary and gender criticism. The actor repeatedly turns on a dime between the aloof, seductive character in the play-within-the-play and the actress trying out for a show.” –Byron Woods, Indy Week