Open Doors – A festival of new works

Open Doors – A festival of new works

 Sonorous Road Theatre, Raleigh

10 short one-acts, by local playwrights.
Diana was featured in two plays:

Imperfect Strangers
by Allan Maule
Directed by Andy Hayworth
Featuring Zak Casca and Diana Cameron McQueen
In this battle of the sexes, a woman confronts a man for his misogynistic attitude and both learn that the other is more than just a walking stereotype.

To Have and to Not Hold
by Gus Allen
Directed by Andy Hayworth
Featuring Will Sanders, Lorelei Lemon, and Diana Cameron McQueen
A broken dream and an emotionally manipulative mother leave one couple on the edge.


“On the comical side, Allan Maule’s Imperfect Strangers, directed by Andy Hayworth, is an awkward duet in which Diana Cameron McQueen’s avenging feminist and Zak Casca’s sexist businessman show their fangs—just before their commuter train stalls out, leaving them trapped together.”Byron Woods, Indy Weekly.

“The great overwhelmed the not-so-great; and I applaud everyone’s efforts, and ultimately I highly recommend the production.”Pamela Vesper, Triangle Arts & Entertainment.

Production Photos by Paul Cory