The Women (2017)

Role: Sylvia Fowler

The Women was a huge undertaking for the Cary Arts Center in Cary, NC. Over 50 women were cast in this amazing play first produced in the late 30s. Claire Boothe Luce a woman who was writer, politician and US Ambassador wrote a scathing comedy about the socialite women in NYC. She depicts social issues of the time and class struggles in this hilarious comedy. It’s all about the women, but all they talked about men sadly, unless they were surviving or scheming to change their station. I was honored to be cast as Sylvia, the seminal villain played to utter perfection in the movie by the indomitable Rosalind Russell. I wish I had had more time to really luxuriate in being the character people loved to hate. It was my first real bad guy role and the most fun. Got to work with a lot of people I had been waiting to work with and what a project to do it on!

Amazing production photos by Chris Nieto.

We were a theater pick by the N&O in 2017.