Born Yesterday (2015)

Role: Billie Dawn

My first true leading role and man what an amazing show and character to do it with. Billie Dawn captured me right away from her first line of WHAT? in the middle of act I. She’s an often misunderstood and misportrayed hero of her own story who comes from behind to reclaim her life. She’s not dumb. She’s just apathetic, uneducated and a survivor. Having heard of the original play from the woman (Nina Arianda) who was in Venus in Fur on Broadway playing Billie next, I knew I had to learn more. Not only is the show hilarious and heartwarming and an absolute wake-up call for Democracy in America, but it’s a fantastic hero’s journey that was a thrill and a treasure to live every night. I could’ve played this character for years. I got to use her iconic voice made famous by the incredible Judy Holiday who also played her the original movie. It’s a great script and role, and definitely catch it when you can. It’s even more relevant today. NCSU Theatrefest has even more photos of this beautiful show on their Flickr for some reason….