The Underpants (2016)

Role: Louise Maske

This was my Theater in the Park debut, and I got to work with so many people I hadn’t yet and literally had the time of my life the entire time. Everyone was so amazing and hilarious. This show was a JOY and I love Theatre in the Park, it’s probably my favorite theater in Raleigh as far as experience with the people there. This show was a Steve Martin play and he just one of my favorites. period. I had the luck to be in his Picasso at the Lapin Agile in 2010 and I decided I was just going to collect Steve Martin projects until I get a role on Only Murders in the Building :). This show was just an excuse for me and Sandi Sullivan to make faces honestly, and I’m proud of that. More information on TIP’s site.

“McQueen controlled the play nicely with her character’s mercurial changes based on who is in the room with her. She withered Cohen with a look, but seemed putty in the hands of Versati, a blatant ladies’ man.”
Review from our friends at CVNC.